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B} vs .vM|
Rikpik and I were down to play, and Rikpik found us a CM! We played a new (I think, at least I hadn't heard of them) clan today, they call themselves vM

Their pick:
TOSOK ac_desert

[Image: qqrg6TO.jpg]

We literally predicted this right before they picked. Overall nothing major to say, other than that I'm better than Rikpik at tosok des (the true test of skill). They also weren't that bad, we let our guard down a few times and they took advantage of some opportunities (rip 2.0+ ratio)

Our pick:
CTF ac_mines ac_urban ac_shine

[Image: ED70WzK.jpg]

Apparently they didn't know mines...or urban...or any maps except desert, ingress, shine, gothic, and sunset, so we had a limited bag of options lest we make the game one-sided. Rikpik went hard on this one, forcing me to be the bait stall while he would sneak and get flags. There was one tragic moment where both charged our base, I killed one but the other not only made off with the flag but also killed rikpik when he cut back to retrieve it, leading to them scoring a flag. Luckily I scored one in the last minute to get the 1000+ score so we compensated.

GG's rikpik and vM!
Gg's, teach me those tosok skills.
vM is the previous {KK} clan.
Nice, good job. Smile
[Image: AK7ba.png]

How do you get good at TOSOK with a mac touchpad.
prime example of why fruit shouldn't be brought to life
(07-29-2015, 07:13 PM)Orynge Wrote: How do you get good at TOSOK with a mac touchpad.

You wait behind corners \:D

90% of the time, it works every time

(Until they lag right when you shoot and you end up knifed instead)

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