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What is really happening right now?
Some of you are probably not even aware of the happenings around here. Recently there were a set of DDoS attacks on various AC services. The most notable of which is the AC Masterserver and other services that were hosted on, which is now down for an extended period of time.

Along with the main server, Akimbo (Lucas') servers were hit, infamous's (iF*) server (DrauL's) was hit, and B}'s website was hit. The attack on my server was a fragmented udp flood targeting random ports. However the attack on akimbo (iirc) was a DNS reflection DDoS.
It seems like there were one maybe two attackers, working independently. Only one known attacker is known, the former-oNe (as of about a day now) Bull3t. He had friends with the power to DDoS, he pointed them to targets. He took a distaste to jamz, as well as DrauL. He hit our forums thinking DrauL was B}, and then proceeded to DDoS DrauL.

He then later apologized for the attack on us and explained it was a misinformed DDoS and that he wanted to hit DrauL's clan.
Because apologies work here.

Hopefully AC services will be up on Monday UK time, or I'd hope by the end of this week. In the meantime, you can replace your config/servers.cfg file with this replacement file which should give you a masterserver list until the real MS comes back online. Not guaranteeing there will be players on, but its a start. If you want server /connects: This file should do you fine.
Thank you very much for posting this RR. Like I've said to slackie on IRC, there are people with way too much free time on their hands.
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Things might not be the same now...
Care to elaborate?
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Not much, that's just what RK had said. Idk if it's true or not.
Something is clearly wrong with the internet when apes like this can manage to take down services.
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Damn apes
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So... what is it that the walrus wishes to talk about?

Never mind, read the poem. Oysters are stupid.
Keep cubin'!
Thanks for the update, was hard to find out what happened. I'm guessing it's pretty common knowledge for everyone on IRC but there's no info on forums. (at least the ones I check)

How are they organising ACWC now that is down?

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