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Return of Noobicus aka Re-re-reapplication of Noobicus: [Accepted]
Oh hai. I am Noobicus. Most everyone here knows me and most everyone has seen many sides of me. Good, bad or otherwise. Blush

Anyway, I am obviously posting here with the intent of applying to the Presidential Bodyguards. A lot has changed IRL since I left B} over a year ago. I do not have the same amount of time to devote to AC that I once did, nor do I have the same needs from the game. I thought I was going to quit AC (again) and decided to leave Paradox Infinity. I figured I would play pubs once every few weeks and doing so did not warrant my wearing a tag. Stupid reason, I know.

It was a hard choice whether to go back there or to apply to B}. I ultimately chose you because I want to return to where I started. In many ways I wish I had never left and missed my first internet family the whole time I was gone.

Before I start my formal application essay, I want to apologize to those who witnessed my wrath in the past. I am quite embarrassed of my behavior and should not have let the stressors of RL impact you.

Okay, here we go.
I have been playing AC since November 2011. I like to play pubs frequently and can usually be found on ladder servers. I do partake in inters and clan matches on occasion.

My playing style is still a bit on the aggressive side where I am very eager to enter a firefight whether I am ready or not. I play with every weapon depending upon the map, mode and my mood. If I had to chose one weapon as a favorite I would have to say carbine. In order to offset my poor aim, I make a lot of use of grenades. I do enjoy pulling out my knife and going for the slash too. Sometimes I get too "slash happy" and lose the battle because of it. Tongue

I have been in a few clans as I did some hopping after leaving B}. Here is the rundown:
B} - Ragequit over petty differences. Wanted to find a more active clan competitively.
FD* - Left to help maimeetur restart eQ|.
eQ| - Restart fail. Sad
Pi_ - Left because I was becoming inactive and the clan itself was not active the same time as I.

In real life I am a computer professional, specifically a SQL Server Database Administrator. Sadly my work life is very similar to that of Peter Gibbons in Office Space, so you may frequently hear me complain about my job or wanting to go home the day.

I have a family and live in North Central Illinois. I spend much time caring for my family and the needs of the household. My hobbies outside of AC include music and motorcycles. The only other game that I play at this time is Minecraft and you will sometimes find me on XRD's server complaining about zombies or hax skeletons.

So, why B}? I miss my old B}rothers. Also,There are many new faces that I have befriended before they were in B}. I want to return to where I started. Honestly, no tag looked as good next to my nick as the good ol' B} did.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will happily respond to any questions you may have. PM or find me on IRC when you can.


-Noobicus Heart
Goodluck Noobicus!
Cool. Buy me this and you get F1'ed by me. Otherwise, inters this weekend hopefully. Smile

[spoiler][Image: B8l6I10.png]
[Image: 2UzbKbb.png][/spoiler]
[Image: AK7ba.png]

alrighty, GL!
[Image: A2Rm7.gif]
Good luck mate Smile
[Image: 11867.png]
(06-11-2013, 06:09 AM)Noobicus Wrote: Honestly, no tag looked as good next to my nick as the good ol' B} did.

Vey nice app <3
Oh hey nooby! :D Gl with your app.
Applicant battle! 1v1 winner becomes a B}. kgo
alright B}uddy. Im am very pleased and excited to see you want to come back. I will be on tonight or tomorrow to try and get a game or 5 inTongue

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