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Hello there :)
Hey guys my in game nick is VectorM12 although some people don't believe me and keep claiming that this is not my real nickname don't know why though. Anyway, I love AC and I enjoy playing it with all sorts of different people especially with really good players like most of the people from this clan are. I've been playing AC for just under a year and I met some of you ingame or on irc. I mostly play on ladders, my favourite weapon is carbine. I hate AR but unfortunately AR is the best weapon for matches and for certain maps so I use it as needed. SMG and SR are good too. Shotgun is for fun only Smile. My teamwork isn't that great but I'm working on it and I try to learn from other people. My favourite maps are ac_gothic, ac_depot, ac_shine and ac_vietnamwar.

I've really enjoyed playing with B}applecake recently, and he was the one who suggested me to make an introduction at the forum. Keep kubin' :D. God bless you.
Carbine will be less underpowered next release. Smile
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Inb4 carbine OP.
Then we can all blame nightmare.
Welcome Smile
Howdy Pahtnah!
[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

Hey there! Nice to see that you made a post! I was really impressed by your carbine skills yesterday, maybe we can play some more another day. :-)
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Hey there, welcome to our forums.
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Hey, heyo! Welcome to the B} forums. Hopefully I'll be able to have some nice conversations with you soon! Smile

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