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Hello guys and girls, hows it (them) hanging?
I might need an introduction, so it will follow, but, before that, let me say!
PaulMuadDibKA nº 1 AC forum spammer (in obliged retirement) reporting for duty! (LOL MG reference)
So, Im here on account of two of my best AC friends (u know who u are!) to show that I am still hanging around in this sometimes marvelous world that AC is and just amazed that I still didn´t write an intro on the B}itches (XD jk) famous (and loved) AC clan.

Im James, a 26 year old fart from Madrid, Spain*.
[Image: inYuRzvoZt9At.jpg]
Thats me, you can see the craziness flowing from me eyes!
I have been playing AC for almost 2 years now, and I´ve come to meet a great part of you guys in game, thats why I guess an introduction is obliged.
My favorite official map is ac_yougotthaPOWER and non-official is ac_turd, XD; I fancy to shoot people and then to teabag them with the help of a trusty SMG, but can more or less frag with any weapon (except carbine which is for N000000000B}s [jk, XD]); my favorite game mode is gemas (what a surprise); I am a member of the greatest AC clan there is, CoE and the feature I like most from AC is the built in chat, which has helped me to find SOOOOOO many awesome people.
That is what makes me to come back to this game, as angry as I can get because of the *insert mildly offensive term here* AC devs, mostly but not exclusively because of their position towards gemas.
This I say because some of you might have noticed my absence from the official AC forums due to a permaban, which came form a butt-hurt RandumN00b which rang the bell and ran as hell. But, as many of you will know, I sent a letter with my position about that incident, so just wanted to make things clear to you loved ones of mine.
Im happy to be banned from there, now I can take care of more important things, like playing League of Legends (lolz), which I am of late doing a lot. My summoner name there is GrandeGlande if any of you want to play a game together!
Well, back on track, I have played videogames for all my life, being some kind of old school gamer, but with an open mind to anything new and interesting, like Legend of Grimrock (lol), La-Mulana (re-lol), New Super Mario Bros 2 (lolololol [what a shitty game fgs]) or LoL (XD).
My fav game of all time would be Castlevania 1 for the NES, but I like anything playable and fun.
Actually I own an XBOX 360 ("GambonKA" user name, add me if ya wanna!), a 3DS (Friend code: 4639-8991-3442), an a somewhat old PC (steam name "villegolas"), where I play as much games as I can.
I fancy reading, being now into the adventures of Roland of Gilead ("The Dark Tower" series, by Esteban Rey [XD]), being my fav book "The count of MonteCristo" (by Alexander Dumbass [XDDDD]), with the "Dune" series a close second (by Frank Herbert, my AC name comes form the main protagonist, Paul Atreides). So you wont be seeing me reading History books or Science ones, but I enjoy a good novel for reading.
Im not much a sport person, but Im looking forward to begin going to the gym to get as strong as CherylCole and kick the ass outta him when I get rich and go to pay him a visit (if Im rich, Ill visit many of ya, beginning with Flami, lolz). No, really its because I am a fat* ass and want to lose weight...
Before I used to smoke a lot, weed and shit, but after a scary episode which made me lose my job and part of my sanity, I have come back to Spain* and I am unemployed right now.
I am a proud owner of an electronic cigarette with which Ill soon do some crazy videos of me making smoke rings, which I am a master at, as you can see on here:
Bad Ass Smoke Rings Channel
I love my family (parents, older bro and younger sis, cousins, uncles...) and I have two pets, Leo the dog and Rio the Cat, shown here:
Firing teh lazor
Well, thats all of it (for now!) and, after a long rant, its always good to have a joke to end it on a high note, so here it goes:
Why did the sheep cross the road?
Cause RandumKiwi was chasing after her.
Im glad that I made this thread to say hello to all of you whom I miss from normal AC forum, and all the rest of B} members and B} forum users, keep it real and LONG LIVE TO GEMAS!!!!!!!!

*This links (Spain and fat) may contain links with profanity and shocking images, browse website with care... and enjoy!
yayay paul. If Larry goes through with it, they are going to have Weekend Cups in the future, tournaments every weekend. So Rainbow Frogs can return if you're up for it. Wink Can bring some CoE friends to join the |RF| party as well. B}ironzorg is possibly making a logo for |RF| whenever he has time. :D
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Hey man, don't know if I've said this before already but I love ya brah <3
Best introduction ever.

I found a picture of RandumKiwi and his girlfriend
that kiwi fruit, who really is a vegetable, didn't appreciate me sharing it though

take care xx
@Nightmare! Suuuuuuure! Im sure Cheryl can wear the |RF| suit for having some fragging fun! And he a mean AR and sniper user I tell ya!
And a logo? Thatd be so cooooooooooooooooooool!

@Cheryl, thanks sis, I try to do things with style (from time to time, XD) and, I love ya too!

Edit3: XD
Let me make this straight, stuff that happens on the AC forum doesn't carry over here. Does not mean you will find it impossible to get banned if you piss me off. Personal things will carry over. I like RK, and so I'll not have any of that hate here. Also be aware that when you say "AC Devs" you include 3(maybe 4) people here.

Because of your opinions, I'd suggest you keep yourself out of AC politics around here.

Welcome to our forums!
(10-09-2012, 01:16 PM)PaulMuadDibKA Wrote: League of Legends (lolz), which I am of late doing a lot. My summoner name there is GrandeGlande if any of you want to play a game together!

You on North American servers or what?
Ah the count of monte christo...truly epic.

After I finish the Canterbury tails. I'll be reading his "long lost novel" the last cavalier.

Nice wall of text going their by the way.
[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

Paul and Cherly - please remove the links.
I will not tolerate a moment of that in these forums, thank you.
Links removed.

Seriously, that will not be tolerated on the forums.
(10-09-2012, 04:07 PM)KillShock Wrote: You on North American servers or what?
Yeah, I sent a ticket to Riot asking for a transfer to Europe, but they said its not possibru. I keep playing there cause Im already lvl 30, with skins and such, and, also, the people in NA are nicer than in Eur W (and I have many friends!).
What about you?!?!

(10-09-2012, 06:45 PM)Verse Wrote: Ah the count of monte christo...truly epic.

After I finish the Canterbury tails. I'll be reading his "long lost novel" the last cavalier.

Nice wall of text going their by the way.
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GlHf with those, XD
And thanks, I guess, XD

@V-Wifey & RR, I said I would remove tha links, but wasn´t given time. Its 9:18 a.m here... Sad
And RR, I brought the issue up because its related to me and to my AC experience. Then I got sidetracked, and, as much lulz as it was, I understand if you don´t want those things to happen here.

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