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WTF H4X - Fail Price Thread
So after an expensive run to the store, thought I'd make this thread. :3
Show ridiculous price differences for similar style/quality products for any category, food, tech, etc.

Yes there's different prices in different stores and better/worse deals available but this is my specific rage.

For $1.98 I can get a drink & a snack, both of which I personally enjoy.
[Image: 13008715267.JPG]
[Image: 2620047159.jpg]

But today I went the fancy rich route and payed $7.78 for a drink & a snack. Again, both good. But still.
[Image: 15ba80b0a9a7442c8d14368.png]
[Image: 082592722157.jpg]

Similar proportions(more food, less drink), less health value, arguably less quality. Nearly four times the price of option 1.
wtf h4x
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Hmm, where I am, we used to be able to buy those arizona iced teas for seventy-nine cents, but now then are that dollar as well.

If you want a really great comparison, try the movie theaters. Those places are nuts! :O

And we have Little Caesars spammed all over the place too, so you can get a pretty decent five dollar pizza whenever you walk it. Honestly though, it's actually pretty good.
Ew wtf hot fries.
No sales tax for me.
(09-03-2012, 11:21 AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: No sales tax for me.

Well, New York does put Massachusetts to shame when it comes to taxes. Wink
Helix 2008:
Live-run or bootable, full user-control, scripting available

Forensic Toolkit 3:
Same functions as Helix 2008 except fewer features, broken backwards-compatibility, and user control is obfuscated
[Image: ArcS-PW-180x180.jpg]
[Image: iphone4skins.jpg]

^ my first trollface
Libre Office
Updated, no limits, free.

Microsoft Office
2010, $150+ for limited versions, $500 for sexy business version.

Also one of the areas where Free/Open Source absolutely kills a Commercial product in value.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

A game that is ten times more fun that any commercial first-person shooter that I have ever played.
Will be better if RR codes single player campaign. /:D
[Image: AK7ba.png]


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