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well hello,
i thought it might be adequate to introduce myself with a heartily "baaaaah" to all of you presidential bodyguards out there. some of you have probably met me already ingame... Big Grin

i am (obviously) a big fan of everything sheep related and on a everlasting crusade to promote animals in ac Big Grin

and well a picture says more than a thousands words...

[Image: 074.jpg]

and for all the music videos lovers out there...

greetings - schaf Big Grin
yayayay. Welcome to the forums. :D
<3 schaf.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Hi and welcome to our forums.
[Image: 11867.png]
ok ok Welcome.
Wait, where are you from?
"Schaf" is German for "sheep".
So he's from Switzerland, obviously.
He's also one of DES's "new blood" (i.e. one of their pros :<)
schafmg / smgchaf ftw!
Welcome to the B} forums. Smile
As soon as I saw the thread name I knew who it was Wink Welcome to the B} forum!
[Image: 307198.png]
Oh that's a way to introduce yourself, haha. Welcome to the forums - Turn to the left if you wish to find more strangeness, continue forward if you prefer a calm and relaxing forum visit or go right if yo wish to exit but I warn you the exit is on a 25 mile hike up a steep hill with loose rocks everywhere <3
And that is a proper warning assuming he brought his DES wheelchair. :D
Well thanks for the nice welcome... seems as if the bodyguards have a high tolerance for weird animals invading their forums... Big Grin

And yes i am from DES (Dedicated Elite Soldiers...or in my case Dedicated Elite Sheep)... and thanks for the warning... the wheelchair is not really suited for hikes uphill. I guess i´ll take the more exciting tour to the left Smile

[Image: flickr_lamb-thumb-400x285.jpg]

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