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Non-CM Screenshots
Verse had higher score!
He wins!
Headshot on Noobicus, by me. Blush
1) From my view. Normal gamespeed. Very fast.
2) From his view. Also normal gamespeed, really fast.
3) Spectate mode for nicer angle, 10x slower than normal gamespeed.
4) 10x slower than normal gamespeed. Shown to watch Noobicus's body react to the shot.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Match with RR and I.

DM ac_desert2(his choice)
RR took an early lead, and it took a while to find each other. The 2nd half of the game I switched from AR to SMG, and we found each other more often. Especially when I spawned behind RR a few times. xD

TOSOK ac_douze(my choice)
Side by side throughout. I had a rally mid-late game that had a headshot and some slashes. RR nearly made a late comeback but time saved me!
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Wow that was close. VGG's. I loved playing douze with ya as well. You rockHeart:D

Thanks Charly, you too. xD

Here is a game I played with Verse.

Team Survivor ac_douze.(my choice)
Used the carbine all game against his Assault Rifle, it was back and forth, super close throughout. I rallied strong at the end.

[Image: AK7ba.png]

couple games, me and evanzo vs waffles and ai

[Image: 20110707_023256_bs_dust2_CTF.jpg]
[Image: 20110707_024905_ac_village_CTF.jpg]
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Inter with Gibarix and a couple eQ guys

[Image: 20110810_041738_ac_power_TKTF.jpg]
[Image: 20110810_035905_ac_desert3_HTF.jpg]
Here is an was a lot of fun!!!

[Image: rokbox.jpg]

[Image: rokbox.jpg]

[Image: rokbox.jpg]

[Image: rokbox.jpg]
[Image: 307198.png]
Lol Soulker's ragequit...
ok had a couple inters here past couple days.

CTF ac_depot
me/razta/lucky vs viper+two others. We were down 1-1(they had huge frag lead). I grabbed a flag within the final minute ftw, with solid support from the team. :p yay us.

CTF ac_desert3
Teams switched a bit here, but yeah. We were down 5-0 early on. Made a nice charge. Then they got a larger lead. We charged again. Just fell short of winning.

Different inter now! Me, Charly, Halo, vs Aight/waffles/titan

CTF ac_power
They grabbed an early lead, but we fought back nicely and pulled out a close win.

CTF ac_depot
was 0-0 for a while. I grabbed their flag, same time they grabbed ours. I'm running back to base. Bang, lag disconnect. I come back and they had a flag capture, so :'( Anyways, charly grabbed a flag late, and we couldn't grab another one. Frag tiebreaker to them.

HTF ac_desert3
We had a quick start. A stray nade hit halo. teamkill -1 flag. booo. From then one they controlled the game for the most part though it was close the whole way...til the last minute.

Good games.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

(08-27-2011, 09:53 AM)Nightmare Wrote: ok had a couple inters here past couple days.
Good games.

Awesome to see us being so active of late. We are getting B}etter, and the rest of the AC community is awareHeart

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