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Non-CM Screenshots
HaX! None of those shots are close!

I declare myself winner! Cool

(05-19-2011, 06:32 PM)Nightmare Wrote: Quick video of headshots against Noobicus in tosok douze! first two are consecutive. Then I got a normal frag(which video does not show) then got another headshot!Heart

And these games....
As for the screenshots. Made it into a 1 minute video, just for a change of pace. I obviously will go back to linked screenshots next time as this takes up too much thread(plus a little blurry), but once in a while, yeah! My thread anyways. Heart
Shows tosok douze with noobicus. Then my match with verse. htf arid / tosok douze / lss rattrap. Good games!

xD RR said the demo goes by what the server sees, which probably doesn't take in ping/pj/lag/hacks/etc.

The only shot that looks off is the third Wink
[Image: AK7ba.png]

The demo is basically a packet log, so yes. It is what the server sees. However, it can see ping/pj/lag/hacks and such because that has to get transmitted though the server. The part about cheating is that the server doesn't check for headshots/bodyshots. The client sends a SV_GIBKILL or a similar message to the server. Or maybe just a SV_GIBDAMAGE. (not sure)
2 games here. I had music blasting in the background and couldn't hear anything. Verse didn't reply on irc so I jumped on AC and searched. Jumped in his find a very nice score and a guy calling him a hacker. xD
[Image: ac78.jpg]

Then we got "fairer" teams and played some more. More hacks good play from B}
[Image: ac79.jpg]
[Image: AK7ba.png]

A couple 2v2 games here. me and evanzo vs zarj and RR

ctf ac_village
I went carbine all game, was happy with that. Got spawn killed by Zarj a lot. We were down late, then evanzo went on a flag rampage and we jumped ahead in the last minute! Very exciting game.

ctf 2fort
I don't know this map. And I was getting lost in our own base! So I played defense all game. Worked out well for a little while... then they just killed us.

Random pub game. ctf ac_desert3
Their team had DES|Perros and our team won by one flag in a close game! Carbine for me! I got Perros a lot this game. Wink

random pub htf ac_shine
Nothing against this strategy, but I thought it was funny anyways. idk...

CTF ac_depot Verse+Me vs Aight+Noobicus
It was 0-0 for the longesttt time! Then both teams got the flags. Verse got caught up in their base, with both of them there. Fortunately he stalled his death long enough for me to get from base to base. Him and one of them fragged each other, causing him to drop their flag right next to their flag's spot. But I got their flag guy from behind, returned our flag, picked theirs up and took off with some carbine rifle sprinting(it makes sense! Sad) Got our flag. Then Verse got a couple more during the rest of the game and we locked them down to 0.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

(05-28-2011, 07:04 AM)Nightmare Wrote: took off with some carbine rifle sprinting(it makes sense! Sad)

Looks like some fun games I love tense close ones like that 1st. Glad to see ya using the ugly stickWink

Side note:I just learned carbine sprinting and AR sprinting for that matter my tk's doubled ::ouch::, but I'm getting there :D
It helps a litttttttle bit with the carbine for escaping.

Obviously a job for the AR though. xD
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Played a match against Noobicus Heart

CTF ac_arid(his choice)
This was surprisingly fun, beng a 1v1 ctf game. We went back and forth for a while. Then I got on a small streak. Had a 13-10 lead with 60-90 seconds left. Grabbed his flag and camped in the cave near his base, which erased half of the time left, by the time he found me and naded me.

KTF ac_douze(my choice)
Not quite sure what happened here. But I got the victory. Tongue

Good games. Thanks a lot, Noobicus! I needed this practice big time. Especially before the 1v1 tournament. :D

[Image: AK7ba.png]

Droid and I, vs Noobicus and Zarj.

ctf ac_depot(our choice)
This was a very close and balanced game throughout. It all came down to one event with a few minutes left. Both teams had the flags. Droid had their flag, I jumped infront of him as we walked through a doorway. I meet Noobicus! and Zarj behind him with our flag! So Droid shoots me in the back, not expecting me to jump infront I guess. xD. Anyways I figured it was over right there. But no! Droid takes down Noobicus. Then Zarj...suicides on accident! Droid picks up our flag and has a smooth run to our base. We played defense for the last couple minutes and held off any charges. Good game!

HTF ac_power(their choice)
It was close and competitive early on, but then they ran off and had an easy win. We didn't have time for a tiebreaker. Good games though!
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Verse and I played a rematch of our tournament game. Extremely close yet again! I pulled this one out though. Too bad I didn't do so last night. xD
[Image: 20110607_004541_ac_douze_HTF.jpg]
[Image: AK7ba.png]


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