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Non-CM Screenshots
Picking tosok douze for my pick everytime now. Wink
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Quick game with Ronald Reagan in his green temple.
RR knows how to maneuver in his map. He was constantly flying overhead like spiderman, along the platform things :D
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Why I made that map is so I could fly like that!
Few screenies here.

Starting off with a 1v1 with Noobicus!

LSS ac_arid(his choice)
He suicided to start the match off. And suicided a little bit more during the rest of the game. Not too high scoring for us but yeah, Nightmare takes the win. Cool

TOSOK ac_douze(my choice)
I had a nice early lead. Then from there... Noobicus went on an absolutely amazing run, surpassed me for the lead, and ran ahead for a.... 7-ish frag lead! Couple minutes later, I gained no ground. Then I finally got going again and jumped up for the lead. He kept fighting though, I'd get him, then he'd get me, etc. Then last minute or two I took off a little bit for the win.
---Great game, Noobicus! You really scared me in the douze game. Thats supposed to be my default auto-win against fellow B} membersRolleyes

one game here against Verse.
OSOK ac_douze
Pretty close but I got it. I should have 2 less kills, because Aight jumped in out of nowhere and I shot him to get rid of him. Good game, Verse :D

Last but not least.
Verse and myself vs Zarj and Noobicus
CTF ac_arabian(my choice!)
Verse started off like 3-11. Bad Verse! Angry But yeah Zarj's flag running was brilliant yet again. Noobicus's support and teamwork kept the flagrunning smooth for them. Verse got back to form. :D with a few minutes left I jumped at their flag, ran to our base, jumping on our flag wondering why I wasn't getting points. then I see "B}Verse has the enemy flag." RageeeeeeeeeeeeeAngry xD Guess I missed it or something. Happened to Noobicus also this game, believe he said something similar in game. Very very fun and awesome game. Too bad we got lagged out and the server blew up before we could continue our match...

[Image: AK7ba.png]

OSOK Me, Verse, Noobicus. @ ac_douze
I fell to last a couple times, responded with rallys to catch and re-take the lead both times. Noobicus stayed consistent and close to the lead throughout. Verse went on a big run at the end and took off.

OSOK Verse + Me @ space douze
Weird and complex for an arena map. Verse knew how to play it, and played very well. Wink
good games.

[Image: AK7ba.png]

few games me and Verse did with Charly Murphie. Got a lot of screenshots to post with no time mini summaries.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Quick video of headshots against Noobicus in tosok douze! first two are consecutive. Then I got a normal frag(which video does not show) then got another headshot!Heart

And these games....
As for the screenshots. Made it into a 1 minute video, just for a change of pace. I obviously will go back to linked screenshots next time as this takes up too much thread(plus a little blurry), but once in a while, yeah! My thread anyways. Heart
Shows tosok douze with noobicus. Then my match with verse. htf arid / tosok douze / lss rattrap. Good games!

[Image: AK7ba.png]

updated the screenshot video. Verse had a screenshot of our douze game. It pops up after my screen for that game!
Its pretty awesome, he was only 1 kill away from(I would assume going by deaths+score) taking the lead. And when the game pauses we are both in the works of aiming! Great game! :D
Though you didn't use the scope much? xD
And in the headshot video above the screen video, you can see how much I use the scope! since you asked about that before.
Find the target -> quickscope -> hopefully hit target. Cool
[Image: AK7ba.png]

(05-18-2011, 02:38 PM)Nightmare Wrote: few games me and Verse did with Charly Murphie. Got a lot of screenshots to post with no time mini summaries.

That was fun. Thanks for being patient an letting me get into a game and showing me the ropes, on how to get in on an empty map. Is there a way to copy and paste in game during the message of the server address or should I just take a screenshot and use that as a reference
No problem! It is pretty confusing at first. Good games too, that were worth the wait. :D

I don't think there is a copy/paste thing...(correct me if I'm wrong!)
[Image: AK7ba.png]


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