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Team Fortress 2
Who plays?

Whos premium?

Who trades?

Whos interested in free items?

* B}ukz brainstorms
My laptop lags pretty bad even on the lowest settings. If and when I get a new computer I would play with you and RR a little more, but for now I really can't.

Plus the loading times just kill me.
Keep cubin'!
If you have not already tried one, you may wanna give a high fps script for TF2 a go, it may not make it playable, but def worth a shot. It won't improve the load times, thats probably mostly on the CPU, but your frame rate should increase.

You'll wanna try out the scripts under 'Performance'

These are not the ones that I use on my desktop, I use this:

They are probably not much different in practice, but IDK much about TF2 scripting Tongue



Sure, but I don't know if I can get them...
If you have a steam account you can receive TF2 items.

If you have purchased TF2 in the past (before it was F2P) or you have purchased ANY item from the in-game Mann Co. store you have a premium account, therefore you are able to trade people your items as well as receive theirs.

You won't find many people that will just give you free items (except for maybe crappy crates and what not that they are not going to use).

I was thinking of making an AC tournament for our TF2 players, where the top 3 places win TF2 items of increasing value provided free of charge by me.

For instance:

3rd place wins: 1 key (~$1.50-2.50 USD)
2nd place wins: 3 keys (~$4.50-7.50 USD)
1st place wins: 5 keys (~$7.50-12.50 USD)

1 key costs $2.50 USD from the in-game store, but you can buy from 3rd party sellers which try to cut out the in-game store for around $1.50 each, hence the ranges.

Keys are used to open locked supply crates which randomly drop while playing.

Crates have a 1% chance of giving you a "unusual hat" upon opening it, those hats can go anywhere from $20-3000 USD, its a gamble when you open a crate.

Keys are also used as an in-game currency, you can easily trade them for other TF2 items if you have a premium account. I'm not sure, but I believe that if you open a locked supply crate with a key, your account automatically becomes premium.

Note: When I started trading TF2 items, my backpack had a networth of probably $5-10 USD, its more like $400+ now after 4-5 months of trading. Its not hard to profit, theres no shortage of traders that want your items. Tongue
I couldn't care less to be honest, I just play sometimes for funz.

I do have you and your brother's version of 2fort on my other computer. :>





* titi saw Bukz's backpack and now feels bad about his..
[Image: 11867.png]
Bukz, we have to play TF2 again.
I just got into TF2, basically because no Australians/Americans play after dinnertime on AC over here, but TF2 is as active as ever at that time.
i have a stupid amount of games installed on my comp (TF2 included), and i only ever play it once every 4-5 months. :/ but if anybody here wants to introduce me to how it's properly played...:D
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