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PB vs. =SA=
Verse and myself played a couple games with OpTic and Waffles.
Wasn't pretty for us, but there were some nice moments in there :p

Survivor ac_arctic(our choice)
Verse's idea, due to our in-clan game yesterday which was successful. Though we ended up with the opposite base. Anyways it was very ugly early with both of us at 0-5. We got better as the match went on but their teamwork and play in general outpowered us. OpTic's sniper accuracy is amazing, and he was hitting shots that I very rarely see. Waffles is Waffles, very strong :p Their teamwork was very nice throughout.

CTF ac_ingress(their choice)
I captured the first flag pretty quickly. Then they went nuts on usExclamation They used good team work, constantly getting 2v1's, or having a flank ready to cut one of us off. Verse did good and kept us in the game for a little bit, then they ran off with it and never looked back. Good Game, SA.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

GG B}!
[Image: n00ra.jpg]

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