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Presidential Bodyguards vs. Exile uNIT
I may have to give up my usual essay version of game analysis in favor of a more thesis based approach per Ronald_Reagan suggestion, so that I can get these up sooner.

Noobicus and Verse
Aight and kingCHUBBY

Game 1 of 1
Our choice
TKTF AC_Ingress
We got pasted. Honors go to Xu for out gunning and out witting us. Sometimes I felt like I was fragged and watching the count down timer more than I was alive. Regardless, their guns were able to silent our ability to keep the flag for any long duration.

[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

They had an interesting strategy as well. They always had someone camped near the next flag location, so they always beat us the the flags. You rarely saw them both together as well. I imagine they were confident in their individual abilities.
Game 1 of 1? I'm aight with that... Wink

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