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Seems I have an imposter...?
So one topic in the AC forums that recently attracted some discussion was bringing ESL (I forget what the acronym stands for, I think e-sports league or something) back to AC.
Today fundog from FD* (who had proposed the idea) asked my why I stood against it. I was like "dafuq?" until he showed me the link to the thread.
The imposter account is ShadowZ, while my account (i.e. the real one) is ShadowFlameZ.
Any idea as to who it could be / how I could figure it out? It's not a huge deal, but I'm just curious.
I feel like it had to be somebody who knew me...
how do we know this isnt the impostor thoughTrollface
[Image: 101627.png]
Why would I take the time to make a second account then?
It clearly says when you register to NOT make a second account...
I'm pretty sure this is the imposter..
[Image: 11867.png]
What titi said, ban the nub. :3

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