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i am soory
if you all didnt know i have been convicted of spec-hax.

i was playing a game, and got bored, so i decided to enable an option that lets me watch 18 people online at the same time on AC. accidentally, i viewed RR's screen, and he caught me. i am now banned on all servers except yours.

i hope i can be appealed from ur blacklists, as i think 1 minute ban is too long for such a crime

thank you for listening or reading

i hope this was moving enuff to get me unbanned

dont cry plz

Just for this, I extend it to two minutes.
I was hoping that this was a hacker, but then again, I'd probably be incredibly insulting because I am in a really shitty mood.
(05-30-2012, 08:29 PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Just for this, I extend it to two minutes.

Add another one for me.
[Image: 11867.png]
And an hour a year for me Trollface
Add three months for me
[Image: Jv3OC.jpg]
Sorry Cemer, here at the B} headquarters (and only quarters) we are very unforgiving. Your ban has been extended by a year, three months, and three minutes.
at leest i goot a nu recurd, right?

After we stop extending your ban, yes. Nu recked galore.
Add another 24 26 days. 1 for each spelling/grammar/punctuation mistake.

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