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eh .. hi ?
just dropping by to say hellow

i was looking the list of recruiting clans on ac forum and saw your forum so
i remembered i had an account here and decided to say hi Smile
if you dont know me , I'm kaz aka k4z a 21 years-old boy from São Paulo, Brazil, who study computer cience .

in assault cube i play as .aG*k4z or .aG*Dothraki or M.aG*gie and im addicted to this stupid game since 2007 and cant leave it Confused
the other games i play is TF2 and Dota 2, im a newbie in TF2 but mid skilled on dota2 , my team won a tourney in a lan house last year, it was War Craft Dota, but still :p
I play TF2 as well! And some other Bs too, namely Bukz. Bem vindo ao nosso site, diverte-te por cá ;-)
[Image: 11867.png]
Game of Thrones #1
[Image: AK7ba.png]

I play TF2 as well.
Nice to see you here, friend Smile
são paulo <3
[Image: 98D2x.gif]
Heyo Smile

Welcome to the forums.

Nice job on the aG tourny btw.
Heya kaz! Smile
Heyo kaz! In case you didn't know, kaz used to be Clan Council in Unbreakable. Good times!
Keep cubin'!
thanks for the welcome Smile
i dont play TF2 much, only one or two times per week but it is a great game Smile

@Nightmare : I bought the first book last sunday and i have read like 300 pages so far, plus im watching every episode :p
@Zarj : good times mate, good times Smile
I've read all 5 books so far, and watch every episode. <3333
join B} so we can talk about how Daenerys is Heart
[Image: AK7ba.png]


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