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Current Status of B}
Within these past few days, B} has been in an interesting status of constant battle within the world. Due to the sheer awesomeness of B}, the clan has progressed forward and taken more and more territory recently. Several states have evaded us within our conquest to create a more stable society of a better ability to play AssaultCube, but many are beginning to yield to us already. These countries are seen in this map:

[Image: zzVyy.jpg]

As it is seen by the colors, B} currently possesses the majority of the Earth's land. What one cannot see from these images in that along the coasts of these countries, B} has planted armies of Rainbow frogs, so that the states are protected:

[Image: ow3KF.png]

These troops have been working in wondrous ways, and it is hoped that they will continue to do the same. Despite this, we have had occasional problems with the frogs such as that below:

[Image: 1.1253159628.a-crazy-bar-man.jpg]

This frog has been dismissed from the army, and B} has since conquered onward into Mongolia. B} is now hoping that new soldiers will come forward to serve their father clan:

[Image: xzGhs.jpg]

The Presidential Bodyguards are now on the path to world domination, so please do your part to make this a smooth transition from the current world to the new, better world. B} intends to transform the world into a happy civilization of friends. Your new capital will be located in this building that has been built within an experimental scientific self-contained ecosystem on Antarctica:

[Image: egg4.jpg]

Until then, ta ta for now!
Yes, please thank General evanzo23 for the progress update on our campaign.
I'll conquer Mozambique. Just give me one of these:
[Image: brasil06k.jpg]
[Image: 11867.png]
I will conquer Laos, should be easy enough, being that it is my heritage.

Then, I shall take back the land those damn Thais stole from us
[Image: Jv3OC.jpg]
Heart B}
[Image: AK7ba.png]

#6 did you create this map?
You forgot Canada... o_O
(05-19-2012, 04:34 PM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: did you create this map?
You forgot Canada... o_O
He found it on Google Images, and then coloured certain parts of it red with MS Paint.
And shhh... Zarj is on a sekrit mishun in Canada.

I will aim high and take Tasmania. Trollface
Psh, google images and psh MS Paint. I deleted that program from my computer :o

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