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ShadowFlameZ's Intro
Sup mates,
So yeah a little history.
I originally started playing AC at the recommendation of some friends on my fencing team (complicated lol) in like December 2009. We would play on a LAN server everyday before practice and had loads of fun. Then one night on the weekend i clicked "Join a Server" and voila! The masterserver appeared before my eyes! I than began playing on the servers of 1.0 as Omegatron, a combination of the greek letter Omega and Transformers' Megatron (cheesy I know Tongue). The first clan I ever attempted to join was H*S, Hitsquad, led by Bricksquad. That application went terribly, mostly because of my notorious 0.08 ratio at the time. So yeah I got rejected.
After that I decided to change my name just for a change in scenery, also to trick H*S. So ShadowFlameZ was born, and after some time, I got accepted into H*S as a trainee, then finally a full member. However, a few weeks later Brick decided to restructure the clan, and those who lacked skill (like me) got kicked out. So then afterwards a former H*S'er named Dead|Silent (aka Me_and_you) decided to form a new clan called DEAD| or DsT|. A bunch of H*S rejects joined, like me. The clan started off quite well, but then things began to turn for the worst as Silent began to doubt his leadership skills, and soon all that was left was 3 members, and Dead Shooters fell apart.
It was in the month of June that I decided my next course of action. I had seen many people on AC wearing the tag =SA=, the Sniper Alliance. After befriending the leader =SA=Comet in a fateful game of power ctf (where he team-naded me like three times!) I decided to apply for the Sniper Alliance (although, ironically, sniper is my secondary choice of weapon to shotgun). Comet, Lateralus, and later Anarchist F1ed me, and I was accepted as =SA=ShadowZ.
My time in =SA= has lasted for quite a long time. Starting off in late June, I have been in the clan for about 9 months now. I have had many great memories in that clan, ranging from me being Erv's spy in solving the =SA= Xu| feud to organizing the =SA= FFA tournaments. My work culminated in the =SA= 1 year anniversary on Tuesday, February 14th, 2011. That day I put our clan on the wiki list, achieving the clan's long-time goal of becoming an official clan from the days of 1.0. Now, however, I feel that my work in =SA= has been completed to the best of its abilities. I believe that my time in =SA=, while it has been loads of fun, is up, and, similar to how Castiel left Xu, I believe that it is time for me to move on so that I can learn more things in AC. I love every member of =SA=, and I hope that there are no hard feelings as I move on to apply to become a Presidential Bodyguard.
Roflcopter (that legacy guy stole my name -_-), Teh_Ninja, DirtyHaxor, |40+|KaBOOMZ, Pikachuuuu!, SuperMashPros, and, last but not least, Omegatron
e-uh-ha-Heyo (phonetic of a spinoff of the word) ShadowZ, I'm glad to see you made a decision. I hate it when I do not know which direction I need to go in.

Not sure what to say Tongue
Lol surprised eh?
Anyways here is my resignation from =SA=.
If I get into B}, would it be possible to have a =SA= and B} alliance? Since Verse and I are good friends to their members and whatnot
Just a thought.....
[Image: worth_1000_Cubone_by_LordLoss1.jpg]
[Image: AK7ba.png]

You do realize what that is right?
(The pokemon Cubone)
Real life cubone. :D
since u likez pokemonz
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Awww how sweet <3

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