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Not an April Fool's joke
B}Noobicus, I'm really surprised to see this ):

I'm expecting this is some April Fool's joke played by the whole B} clan, but if it isn't, I apologize for not taking you seriously in the public server today when you said you were resigning from B}.

If this is some elaborate joke, B} clan ==> this shit isn't funny. I'm serious (no jokes).

If this is true, I am genuinely surprised, though I hope to still see you around Noobicus, because you're a cool guy Tongue
Sadly, RCJD, no this is not another April Fools "joke." While I <3 everyone here, B} no longer offers the environment I am looking for. It is hard to leave, especially after spending a year here and watching the clan grow and the new open application process.

I do have to say the rash of little 'jokes' and forum spam lately are very unbecoming and have tarnished the shield a bit.
Cheerio Smile
I wish you luck Noobicus, i only got to play you once or twice but you always seemed like a great teammate above all else, and with all of these new applications, I think B} will have a new face pretty soon, so i implore you to reconsider but it is of course your choice, good luck with whatever you do in the future!
Sad now whose gonna represent the B} clan whenever i go play on ladder servers and get splattered Q_Q
We bid adieu to Noobicus, who has decided to leave AC. He claims it's permanent, but I, and maybe others, have hope that he will return, since we all know he enjoys/-ed this game very much.
We wish him all the best with real life.
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(04-14-2012, 02:45 AM)Nightmare Wrote: D:

[Image: 11867.png]
Brett Favre got stuck with the Jets for one year, then he retired just to allow himself to go to the Vikings.
Hopefully this is just another "Crazy Noobicus being Crazy" impulse decision and he comes back to ac and B} in the future. :'(
Of course I was sleeping early yesterday and missed all of the action so I know nothing of how it went down. Sad

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