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Well, I have to apologize to you guys.

As you all know, NeoN has been permabanned.

I have known him for a fair amount of time. I stuck by him, as he was kind to me. Even when he was heckled to shit (by me to) on IRC's as SwagMatic, I always stuck by him. He was a good friend, and still is.

After he hacked for the second time, I made him swear not to do it again. Or lie to me, as he has done it numerous times. He has broke both.

Therefore, while we settle this inside -dyH|, I apologize on not his behalf, but my own. I helped him in his "unkind" endeavors. We got us banned in your channel.

Of all my apologies to B}, I must address these 3.

I apologize to B}Verse, for having to redo the tourney scores; and to B}Ronald_Reagan, for having to deal with us, our shit, and our dumb comments.

Also, I owe a huge sorry to Mr. ShadowZ here. He told me not to trust him, and said he'd do it again. Well, sir, you were right.


Cemer (proletarii) Remeck
I accept.
Hooray! 1/3
Lol I feel that my response was somewhat brief so I'll continue.
In my opinion, yes you did re-accept him, yes you were disillusioned by him, but so did 14/30 people who voted on RE's thread (when jamz noted he posted from a
As I've said before and will continue to say, although you do have your "derp"-y moments, I know you're better than most trolls (yeah that's right I don't consider you a troll), which is why I had always bugged you for so long to ditch -dyH|.
I'm glad that you have seen what has gone wrong, since recognition of the issue is the first step to solving it.
Regards, old friend.
I am very sorry for this myself. I'm not sure if he cheated in the tourney but I am speechless myself. Hopefully you will still see dyH the same.
I am unsure by the apology, besides whop's comment. Mostly because in my eyes, I dont see how you have been in any fault.

dyH has kicked NeoN and that is good enough for me (concerning the dyH end of things)

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