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B}Noobicus vs. =SA=RCJD
Sadly this 1v1 did not result in a win for B}, but it was a lot of fun and RCJD is a nice guy to play against. He has good weapon skills and strong strategies as far as movement within the map.

His pick:CTF Shine

This game was spent searching each other out and survivor of the firefight got the flag. He is a better shooter than me, so he won nearly every encounter. The occasional gib saved me.

My pick: CTF Werk
Different attack points and my familiarity with the map appearred to give me the advantage as I won this game handily. I used a 50/50 mix of carbine and AR for this one.

His mode, my map: SURV Scaffold
Usually I do pretty well on this map, but he jumped out to an early 5-0 lead and I could not seem to find my rhythm. I ha a few kills in a row with carbine, but he switched to carbine too and it messed me up somehow. Definitely the better gunner won this one.

Again fun match. RCJD is very nice and I look forward to more games with him and =SA=.

while this was happening, me and evanzo got bamboozled by FD*
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Nice matches Noobi. I've never played RCDJ, is he a new =SA= member?
[Image: 11867.png]
He is a new-ish member. There are very few older members of =SA= remaining.
(01-24-2012, 01:10 PM)titi Wrote: Nice matches Noobi. I've never played RCDJ, is he a new =SA= member?

He's been around for a little bit cause me probs in the pubs sometimes. Nothing trollish just fragginTongue

Nice try Noobicus <3 WERK
Yup, it's rare to find any active "old" =SA=.
The only old ones still around are like Comet (leader), macm, lateralus (both FMs), Cap0ne (admin), sonic, walkergr (mods).
Lots of "new blood."
Honestly, I don't think a 1v1 is a clan match
[Image: 307198.png]
Meh whatevs it's the contestants/competitors' choice.
GGs, Noobicus!

It's always lots of fun playing with B} clan and its members. From my experience, all of you are genuinely friendly people in the AssaultCube community, with the exception of ShadowZ (JK bro ^^)

I look forward to more games in the future!

Oh, and a bit more about me: I picked up AC over the summer of 2011, and I was your typical shotty newb =D For some reason I was fortunate to be invited by =SA=Swanvel and =SA=SnB around September. With this invite, I discovered a secret unused weapon: the ASSAULT RIFLE *gasp*. I was accepted into the clan in October and have learned a lot since then.

I remember back in my newb days, I would often see Charlymurphie and Noobicus in the pubs and marvel at their carbine slaying D:

Yes, many of the old =SA= members have either retired, resigned, or are less active. I think =SA= is going into its second year in February and a lot of members have come and go since then.

See you all in game/IRC!
Look forward to seeing you around Smile
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