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Orynge: [Accepted]
Apparently, I'm supposed to post the thread. Tongue

What is your playing style like?
I'm very defensive when it comes to flag modes, and I love it when I get a return. When it comes to any other mode, I just run circuits around the maps. XD
My favourite map is ac_arid, as it's layout is fantastic.
My favourite weapon is SMG, and my best weapon is probably the AR from when it was my favourite a couple of months ago. I used to use the shotgun from 1.0-, but I stopped when it got *too* good in As for 1.1.1, SMG looks like the best, so I'll probably change again. XD

Some screenshots of your playing.
Some of my recent screenshots with B} members/applicants:
[Image: 20110925101941acdouzeos.jpg]
[Image: 20110926012426aciceroad.jpg]
[Image: 20110925050735acasperat.jpg]

Past clans you have been in, and why you left.
Exile Unit: It was closed because of inactivity.
Da Strogg: One that me and my Enemy Territory: Quake Wars-obsessed friend made. I closed it when he stopped playing.

Past nicknames.
Orynge has been my only one.

Have you ever been banned/blacklisted, and why?
Apart from a range ban, and being banned by an admin for being AFK in 1.0, none.

Why do you want to be in the clan?
B} is incredibly active, I know a lot of you guys well-ish, and #PBClan has been in my auto-join since it's creation. Smile

Just talk about yourself or anything else for a few sentences.
My RL name is Tim, I'm currently 14 years, 8 months, and 20 days old.
I live in Melbourne, Australia, I'm obsessed with IRC, I follow the AFL and my favourite team is Carlton.
I've been on the AC forums ever since they were brought back up last year, and have since posted 1,100+ times on them.
I also play Trumpet and Tennis.

EDIT: Oh yes;
1. I'm not particularly good at 1v1's.
2. I also make half-decent maps.
3. I also make half-decent scripts.
4. I also make half-decent mods.
Let's see...
You like arid: +1
You like tennis: +1
You like a jazzy instrument: +1
Will I be able to play a test match with you? Probably not: +0

Overall, looking good Wink
[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

Orynge!!! Heart

I'll try to get my normal applicant's match in with you soon.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Best of luck, mate!
Keep cubin'!
Good luck Orynge!! :D
[Image: n00ra.jpg]
Thanks all. :D

Forgot a few things in the original message. Zarj reminded me of one of them. Tongue
You smashed me in that douze osok, very nice. GG and good luck ory <3
ctf iceroad was awesome!
we thought the triple shuffle gave you guys a hax team, but me and noob pulled it out <3 Thanks to his great play!
Orynge you played good too that game Smile I pride myself on getting tough flags, maps like iceroad/depot. You'd pop out and drop me during every rifle sprint gogogo attempt!
[Image: AK7ba.png]


Good game. Yes the score looks lopsided; however, it was pretty close. Many times Orynge got my health down to under 20. He is good with his nades, and I think 4 of his 6 kills were nading me. Orynge has good aim and a good sense of the map. What I noticed was that Orynge was more concerned about getting nades then health and armor. As a result, I ended up killing him because of his lack of armor. Overall, I think he played well, and I look forward to playing more games with Orynge. Smile
[Image: 307198.png]

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