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Application Invitation Extended to Razta: [Accepted]
Most of us already know about the recent events with the iOD clan. It led to several members becoming classless. One that included Razta. Razta brings experience, ladder whoring, and good skills. Razta has shown interest in the clan and the B}'s have shown interest back. So here is the official invite to apply to the Presidential Bodyguards. Good luck with your application.
[Image: 307198.png]
Time to 1-up this post! FTW (rage mode)
A little overview...
As self-proclaimed unofficial "clan recruiter," I did some research into Razta's background and whatnot. I spoke with one of his former clan-mates, who described him as "A player with a good attitude and great skills. He's a good guy and you guys would like him a lot." I'll let Razta guess who that was... heh.
ANYWHO, I've known Razta since he was in FmC, though not nearly as well as I do now, and after that magnificent clan vanished off the face of the Earth in the transition between 1.0 and 1.1, I was surprised to find him bearing the iOD tag. While ladder-whoring we got to become good friends, and I'll admit that he does live up to the words of his former clan mate.
Good luck bud.
BTW if you get in you'll make us a clan spanning over continents :D
[Image: AK7ba.png]

(07-17-2011, 06:51 PM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: Time to 1-up this post!

(07-17-2011, 06:53 PM)Nightmare Wrote: Trollface

[Image: 307198.png]

Yes ^

THANKS HEAPS B} MEMBERS FOR THE SUPPORT AND THE RATHER QUICK INVITATION!!! I was expecting to wait a couple more days yet lol...

Anyway on to the Application!
What is your playing style like? Well, I like to rush around and trick people into falling in to my traps! I also like to run around with a knife, because i'm just different like that. Anyway, I like to use the knife, the SMG, and recently (1.1) the AR. I am still getting used to the sniper, and quite often ragequit when I practice with it. Tongue
My favorite maps would have to include, ac_power, ac_shine, ac_sunset, ac_gothic and maybe ac_depot & ac_desert as they have grown on me a bit since i've experienced quite a few interclan and clan matches during my illustrious AC career.
Some screenshots of your playing. - Take your time, like I did with this app, right droid? Tongue
Past clans you have been in, and why you left. |FmC|, I left because I felt it was time to move on as I needed to improve my gameplay with inters and cms which I never seemed to be able to do in this clan. -dyH, because whopxer decided he couldn't handle the responsibility of leading a successful clan. and iOD| because inactivity seemed to be overcoming the clan entirely, so I left as did some other members to seek a better community. ( Bingo )
Past nicknames. Trapper, Razta, |FmC|Razta, -dyH|Razta, iOD|Razta. Rolleyes
Have you ever been banned/blacklisted, and why? Nah, i've been range banned from hi-skill in the past, just coz NZ is too pro. Get acused of hax. Tongue
Why do you want to be in the clan? I know heaps of the members, I like playing with heaps of the members, I like talking to heaps of the members, and well to put it bluntly, Because I freakin love the clan, the people in it, the whole damn shaabang! Cool
Just talk about yourself or anything else for a few sentences.
I am RAZTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I will be considering changing my name to Raz, simply because of the amount of typos people make with Razta, turning it into Ratza, and I am really not all that fond of rats. Dodgy
I gave quite a lot of information about myself in my introduction I posted a few days ago, so if you need to know more please refer to it :]

( P.s sorry about the invitation mess, LOL. )
( p.s.s TrollfaceTrollfaceTrollface <<<< For all the trolls here to induldge in )
Yah <3's all round Smile
lol. F1 if it means anything Tongue
Your life in 10 seconds:
[Image: yv5kykda.a5u.gif]
Welcome! welcome!! welcome!!!
I look forward to my traditional 3 phase match with you. I hope you have fun through this process.
[Image: 942178_10202211084025654_201418072_n.jpg]

(07-17-2011, 11:14 PM)Verse Wrote: Welcome! welcome!! welcome!!!
I look forward to my traditional 3 phase match with you. I hope you have fun through this process.

It sounds like fun. :]
Yah <3's all round Smile
(07-17-2011, 11:11 PM)Fate Wrote: lol. F1 if it means anything Tongue

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