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Bodyguards vs. Hounds (KH)
The inter/cm that went to the dogs.

The first match was chosen by them, ac_depot in mode CTF. We scored first and everything went downhill from there. The KH just took off, they responded with four unanswered scores. We provided token resistance which kept them from simply overwhelming us but the remainder of the game belonged to them. KH|Monkey used the running backward while firing an Assault Rifle to escape with the flag; while -DrauL- used a shotgun to control the short corridors leading to the red flag. Their ability to anticipate our routes home with the flag and cut us off was admirable. We did have moments where we shown, like when Ronald_Reagan picked up the flag, which I dropped, and scored with the enemy on his heels, and when I stopped -DrauL- just steps before scoring. The following statistics reveals where we needed improvement.
Times each team got their enemies' flag:
PB: 19
KH: 18
Conversions on each pick up:
KH: 7
PB: 2
We were successful in getting to then enemy flag but unsuccessful in converting that that into a score.

The second match, chosen by us, ac_scaffold in mode team survivor. In this match -DrauL- was replaced by |KH|MorganKell. Again we were dominated by the Kell Hounds. My goal of sticking to the shadows didn't work because they were able to hold the center and keep us, with our shotguns, at a distance. They were also able to dominate the longer corridors, again keeping our shotguns at a distance. I was repeatedly flanked while trying to take out an enemy. Halfway through I changed to the submachine gun which helped, but not enough. We ended up losing over half the matches in the game. When we stuck together we seemed in each others' way, and when we split up they divided and conquered. On a few occasions one of us was able to inadvertently distract our opponents giving the other a chance to blind side them with a few splatters of the shotgun.

In summery, our communication was better, but still needs some improvement. Our dynamics in team survivor should be more fluid than it is. Better luck next time.
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