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Hi I'm Sabertooth Smile I come from the land down under ... (The real one) ..... NEW ZEALAND !! We're further down than aussie hehe Smile Umm. Well some of you know I'm working on a cube2 mod for AC . At the moment I'm currently clanless , cuz my old clan when I was Darkwing was disbanded when I went AWOL for a while , but I'm back again ...

I'm actually hoping to join the clan , but since it's invite only , I was just gonna hang out with you guys on the IRC, maybe getting into the clan? I'm not really in a rush for a clan really ... I've been playing random people from other clans as practice, since I haven't played in a good 8 months Tongue
Hahaha yea I love you so much for that cube2 mod.
were you in DARK?
and who knows maybe we'll consider you....maybe Wink
Cool! Welcome!

1- Why do you want to join B} instead of another clan? :D

2- Hope to see you in IRC often! Once we get to know you, if enough of us agree on an invite, then you'll be allowed to apply. Then you would have to play games with everyone and such, allowing us to get to know you even more, and see your "skills". It isn't a fast process, especially since we've cracked it down to invite only, so its good that you are patient. Smile

At least a few of us have taken interest in your "AC2" project. As ShadowZ pointed out.

* Nightmare wants to make a map for the official release of AC2.
[Image: AK7ba.png]

1- Ronald Reagan is cool Smile I rest my case . haha Smile But really, you guys seem like a nice bunch of people.... The new clans nowadays suck ...... compared to 8 months ago when there were DTF, FOX, RK, TgS ...

2- I'm active on the IRC now
Oh that's cool you answer nightmare's questions but ignore mine eh?
punk ;D
Ohh sorry I didn't see that !! Yeah I headed DARK when I was darkwing Tongue

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