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Us against Them (iC)
First match was their pick of TDM in ac_desert3. We played a strong game in the first half. Second half, I noticed we were losing, so I decided it was time to vary it up, I went with carbine, and we changed routes. Alas, they proved to be better tactically then us. They proved themselves adept at flanking us, adept at splitting us up, adept at sniping... I must say, our team play wasn't lacking, but they did a great job of getting around us. They traveled together at the right times, splitting off to flank at the right times as well. They knew our tactics, and they knew the map. I believe we could work on our tactics in DM modes to improve our game.
Screenie: TDM ac_desert

The second match was our choice, and I believe that this could've been one of the best choices of ours. We started off as a very good lead by 4 points with Verse singularly holding onto the flag. At this stage I felt more threatened by getting overshadowed by my teammate then by losing. We did a very good job of flag holder-bodyguard style of game play, sticking true to our name :D . One of the only things I can think of to improve our game is better communication. Certainly cant type things out, but I felt myself wanting my "Low on health" keybind more than once! I guess this is something we will have to work on. I will add a couple more keybinds to my autoexec very soon. One being "GJ!".
Screeny: TKTF ac_ingress

Overall, very good games, communication needs to be worked on for sure, we should work on non-flag mode tactics.
Very good games!

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