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Application extended to CharlyMurphie: [Accepted]
This guy has waited long enough and has expressed interest in joining the glorious B} clan, so on behalf of the Presidential Bodyguards I invite him to apply. Good luck! :D
Yay! good luck, Charly!
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Has anyone informed him yet? I saw him on pubs, but did not see this post until afterwards.
Well, the only time that I saw him was when he asked if I had entered the clan. I think that he knows that he is an applicant...
Hell yeah , thank you guys for the invite. I'm in between going to Ohio from Florida, but I have my laptop. So I'll jump on irc and have to get some games in. Thx again (just something about that B} tag)Tongue

What is your playing style like? My playing style varies on what is going on in game. I prefer fast and aggressive, but sometimes ya gotta camp. My favorite weapon is the all mighty carbine, and if used right can be very tactical(fell in love with it from the start and stuck with it) I am trying to grasp the AR and SMG, but I really love to kamikaze with the nades LOL. I love all the maps that the ladder allows, I dont have a mappack so but I downloaded a few in game. I'd have to say power and sunset are my favs ATM

Some screenshots of your playing.
1.[Image: dhenie.jpg]

2.[Image: 2qajnmw.jpg]

3.[Image: 6iy1hl.jpg]

4.[Image: 20poa5c.jpg]

Past clans you have been in, and why you left. Never been in any clan b4

Past nicknames. CharlyMurphie is the only name I have gone by

Have you ever been banned/blacklisted, and why? Nope, never

Why do you want to be in the clan? You's fellas always been polite and aggressive at the same time in game I love ur guys logo B}(tag) and attitude

Just talk about yourself or anything else for a few sentences. I just turned 31 yrs old and been gaming all my life since Atari. I've play almost all FPS shooters from DOOM till now. I'm pretty laid back and don't get mad that easily, there is a difference between that and frustrated though IMO. I like to knock back a few beers from time to time and just enjoy lifeCool
Yay! Hope to see you on irc, Charly :D
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Look at that ratio on shine!
Well it looks like I MAY have a second place lock on the Tyd Ladder this month. I basically had a month off of work so that will be hard to duplicate or get that many hours in, I'm usually around 25hrs. I know we haven't really gotten any games in, but I'm in no rush. I just wanted to post something to keep the app going

[Image: 2rnwq9u.jpg]

[Image: 2czambk.jpg]

[Image: anoljd.jpg]
holy geezus
The outpost game!
My flag run was so cooooool.
Went through RR twice just to get to the flag, then dropped Waffles+Sonic in a 1v2 to get back to base.

On topic, Good job @ 2nd place Charly Murphie.
Since you won't have as much time for june, maybe you could just play us for app games instead Wink
[Image: AK7ba.png]

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