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Did it... Kind of
A few years ago, when I was accepted to this clan, I said I was going to combine my TyD scores. I asked Pwnage if I could and got shot down, but over time I have 2 names in top 50.....Barely. 48 and 49 FTW.

[Image: 2je4p4w.jpg]
Awesome scores. Combined would put you at 18! Way to go Murph!
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Nice, you were tenacious!

I once was playing for this ladder, then I left |oNe| and asked for a name switch. Pwnage answered by ignoring the request and I lost interest into the ladder because I did not want to waiste more time.
I had some nasty scores:
[Image: RXcD6Ne.jpg]
Sexy scores Charles and Exo :3
While nowhere near as sexy as Exodus or CM, I spent a LOT of time on that ladder. When Murph applied, I was so excited to have another ladder whore join the ranks of B}! <3

[Image: 9xbZP4d.jpg]
Yeah those were some great fuggin fraggin days. My carB}ine is lacking these days. We have them nades though :p

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