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B} vs HyPE
Zarj and Nightmare vs Lucky and JoeSmith

Team Survivor ac_desert (Our Choice)
Zarj was using the sniper for a little while. I went with the SMG. We were getting wrecked up pretty early. Zarj switched to the AR, the bleeding lessened up. Then we slowly moved up closer and closer. With about 1 minute left we took the lead 61-60 to complete the comeback. :D
They bounced rght back, went up 62-61. then zarj and one of them killed each other. 63-62. Then I fragged the other guy, in a close and action packed firefight. Our score stuck us ahead. 63-63! Great game, HyPE.

Capture the Flag ac_sunset (Their Choice)
They grabbed the first flag. Then thanks to some nice teamwork and Zarj's great flagrunning, we jumped ahead and took off. They did a good job of trying to get back in the game, but fell short. We went on defense for the final minute to prevent a superflagrunningspreeofdoom.

Good games, HyPE. Cool

....and Heart wooooooooooo @ our clan match victory(and my first personally).
[Image: AK7ba.png]

Good job guys!
[Image: 307198.png]
Dirty :D
Damn... I missed out. xD

Oh well, good games Smile
I totally sucked for the first several minutes of the TS game. I was feeling really sleepy, and the sniper was just a bad pick all around. Nightmare kept us in that one until I finally got my stuff together.
Good job, man!
Keep cubin'!

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