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"You know, Marti has a point. Stef didn't ban you, I did. You don't make a shit fest of a thread like you did and get away with it. That was a simple 1 month cool your stuff ban. Then you used a duplicate account to create the same thing again. I have absolutely zero tolerance for stuff like this and that's when you start crossing lines with me; thus your new 6 months. If stef had banned you, it wouldn't expire, I assure you."


Then you are simply yet ANOTHER faggot ass bitch, and you may also GFY.
And FUCK YOU TOO Bugboy for your stupidity as of late.
I find it fucking pathetic that everytime I direct something towards "noobs" or "faggots" some stupid bitch blah blah blah this faggot and that faggot gets asshurt like I directed it towards them. If you don't consider yourself a faggot or a noob why the fuck do you cry about it? Why? Because you feel important when you're typing. You're just a dumbfuck with self esteem issues and need to get your rocks off arguing with me online.
And if you were the one that banned me hot-shot, odd that you hid behind someone else to do it and only now mention it.

I didn't address anyone individually until they chimed in to stir up shit on my CRAZY thread.
Self important dick X-Ray-Fag.
Do you see what you're saying? "Zero tolerance" "crossing lines with me" "get away with it"
You are a pathetic FUCKING HOMO. You have no control over wtf I do, ever, anytime. If I wanted to I could destroy you both online and irl. I said nothing wrong to any individual until they decided to be the lead fag noob and defend all other fags beneath them.
So enjoy your "power". Fucking loser.
If Stef had banned me it would blah blah fucking blah.
Stef can suck a big fat dick and so can you.
This is why the forum is getting attacked and hackers are regularly popping up in game and laughing at themselves pissing everyone off.
Because they have no respect for the dumbfucks like you that are "in charge".
Ha! what a fucking laugh.

Go back to fucking your cousin or jerking your dog off or whatever it is that faggots like you do between their internet tough-guy acts.
Boomhauer Wrote:You are a pathetic FUCKING HOMO

Actually, I'm been trying to use my gay powah on X-Ray_Dog for a while, to no avail :'(

Boomhauer Wrote:or whatever it is that faggots like you do between their internet tough-guy acts.

And what is it that you're doing?

Alright all of that aside. I honestly have no clue what's going on in your life that's making you act like this. I have no clue what you're going through. But it really doesn't matter. You are clearly mentally losing it.

You know what I suggest? Get counseling. Your behavior is not normal, and you know it.

And please, if you had much Internet knowledge, you would know how difficult it is to find someone's physical location with just an IP. You're stuffed to the brim with bs.

As I previously stated, get counseling. For your own sake. Yes, get off the forums, get in your car, and get counseling. Now.

Oh yes, and lastly, stop threatening my friends.
Ok Boomy. You are not allowed here anymore. This isn't censorship, this is me throwing you out of my house. You are not a welcome guest here anymore.

I got to wonder about your anger issues...

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