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Unbreakable Whitelist
Hi all, I just want to share our whitelist, if you can add it for your server would be great. Thanks

// U| Unbreakable Clan @
blocki U|
blocki |U
blocki U/
blocki \U
accept U? // for applicant/s
accept U|MPx
accept U|dystropia
accept U|ana:D
accept U|pizza
accept U|Pizza
accept U|Tiger
For the server I run, I do not do any whitelist besides the one that BoB runs, the reason is because I do not want to be responsible for updating every change. I will wait on XRD to comment about what he will do.
Like RR, I too do not regularly maintain my servers myself. Your whitelist as posted above is already included in the {BoB} whitelist files. I've re-enabled the syncing of my server files to bob's so everything should be in working order.

Do know that you don't have to contact me directly at any time to get your whitelist updated for my servers as you can do it through {BoB}. I can however update the files on bob servers as I believe RR can too so we can help there Smile
Ok, guys. Thanks

@XRD: I'm not stalking you. Paranoid! jk XD

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