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Not really sure what happened?
Me and a fellow =SA= played Noobicus and Thrawn in a 2v2 clan match last night...not sure what happened but they left in the last minute of the match and then this happened on IRC:

<B}Noobicus> spawn camping when winning by that much?  Fuck you PhaNtom
<B}Noobicus> fuxk =sa=
<B}Noobicus> no
<Thrawn> Yeah..
<B}Noobicus> You guys are real shit heads PhaNtom.  I am glad you left B} because you don't have the class to be here.
<B}Noobicus> I don't mind geting my ass handed to me, but not when they play like that.
<Thrawn> Yeah..
<B}Noobicus> !kickban PhaNtom
* ChanServ removes voice from PhaNtom
* ChanServ sets ban on *!*@killer_rabbit.3dot14159265.gamesurge
* You have been kicked from #PBClan by ChanServ ((B}Noobicus) Bye.)
* Cannot join #PBClan (You are banned).

I'm not really sure what you mean by spawn camping...if you talking about waiting in base while your mate runs down mid with the flag then that's a tactic you will see in every competitive match. It's not spawn camping.

Needless to say I'm rather disappointing with this behaviour.

Hope this can be cleared up, PhaNtom
wow this is what i return too...
I'm really hoping Noobi responds to this at some point.
prime example of why fruit shouldn't be brought to life
- No rules against it, but =SA= shouldn't have continued bringing the heat in a 21-1 game.
- Noobicus shouldn't have raged that much.

[Image: AK7ba.png]


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