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Custom B} T-shirts
Anyone interested in a T-shirt message me here on B} forum with:
1) Shirt Size
2) How you want the name on the back to appear
3) How many you want
4) Name & Address
5) Method of payment you want to use (PayPal, Check by the mail) US dollars, please
6) Are you a clan member or a B} fan? Wink

I'll try to keep each shirt at about $15 - $20 depending on size, shipping will need to be about $5 in the USA, more if you live outside the USA.
Sound fair, everyone?

You can see the design here
Love this and the design Heart I may need a month, till I get back to my mailing address. Hopefully 2 weeks, and a decent price BTW. Wink
Design is not viewable to non-private forum users ;_;
T-shirt Image
Front: [Image: vsp455.jpg]
Back: [Image: 28utjbo.jpg]
I love the white, but, but, I need one in both white and black. B}roken recordWink give me 3 weeks and we have to chat Shy

EDIT: I'm going to B} in Columbus, OH for roughly 4 months on and off. I just adore our way of B}eing Tongue
White T-shirt allow us to do an iron on transfer of the image and all the colors are brilliant. It's durable and holds up pretty well in the washer.
With a black shirt, we would have to design a custom paint screen, which would raise the cost to $25 each and wouldn't allow us to do names on the back of the shirt.... unless you add another $25 for the custom name.

The shirts are dirt cheap. It's the method of putting the image on that bites you in the wallet.
We should be the White clan (like the White Album), so we can have cheap shirts.

That might have some bad connotations though :\

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