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PhaNtom (the newer one): [Accepted]

Who all do you know/want to know here in the clan? Everyone!

Who is your favorite member? I don't pick favorites.

What is your playing style like? I like to use all weapons, though only AR and sniper for anything competitive. CTF and SURV are my favorite modes, and gothic, arid, and werk are my favorite maps.

Past clans you have been in, and why you left.
  • ~>WTF<~ Left this because it went inactive and all the members left.
  • |dc This was the first clan I started on my own. I ended it because I thought all my members left.
  • .Lw| This was the second clan I started. Ended it because all my members really did leave because someone was impersonating me, said some nasty thing to the members, and nobody would believe it wasn't me.
  • |uRs| I joined this mostly because of a dumb spur-of-the-moment decision. Left because I found out they had a bad reputation and none of them except one could speak english.
  • =SA= I left this only because of inactivity, none of the members were ever on, etc.

Past nicknames. killer_rabbit, Rabit.

Have you ever been banned/blacklisted, and why? Dietrich blacklisted me for lulz and Scr3w (when they still had servers) blacklisted me for kicking an afk member of theirs. I don't remember anything other than this.

Why do you want to be in the clan? Because it's a "family" clan with cool members that doesn't focus primarily on the competitive aspect of things.

Just talk about yourself or anything else for a few sentences.
I'm from Arkansas, USA, 16 years old, and an AC whore. I enjoy programming, guitar, and gaming in my free and non-free time (I am sneakkky). I speak two languages fluently, English and Pig Latin.

I don't know much else to say about me as I'm known as a very boring person <3

What are your favorite three songs? (Youtube links would be nice)
If you got 100$ gift card to Best Buy (an general electronics store, supplies games, PCs, washing machines, and such), what would you buy? 80 boxes of Mike 'n Ike's? Skyrim.
Good luck .PhaNtom'' (not that you need it :3 )!
gl, hf, don't pet the wolf, he bites sometimes as do I. :D
haha ty D3M0N and XRD
Can your PC even run Skyrim?
Nice choice though. Good luck. :D
[Image: AK7ba.png]

I like your taste in music. Good good. If you are from Arkansas, you should check out "The Wedding", they are a Christian Punk band from Arkansas:
(Music video is a little weird, but the song is excellent)

Will try to get some games in with you sometime this week.
Keep cubin'!
Haha hadn't heard about that artist before. I'll have to check their stuff out.

Can't wait to vs you Wink

(10-07-2013, 04:10 PM)Nightmare Wrote: Can your PC even run Skyrim?

The one I have now, no. The one I'm going to get pretty soon...definitely.
(10-07-2013, 02:53 PM).PhaNtom Wrote: I speak two languages fluently, English and Pig Latin.

But seriously, good luck. Tongue
prime example of why fruit shouldn't be brought to life
GL Smile
(10-07-2013, 06:17 PM).PhaNtom Wrote: The one I have now, no. The one I'm going to get pretty soon...definitely.

the one you showed me looks awesome :D

+ best of luck, hope you make it!

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