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AC clans database

This is a small project I did a couple days ago: the ac clans database.

I was wondering how hard it could be to code a script that would auto-detect clan tags, given a list of nicknames, so I fired up my favorite text editor and started experimenting. Turns out that my script works decently, although there are still a few false positives, so I decided to make it run on a large set of data.

I got a list of the players who connected to the TyD ladder (yes, the 2400 pages), and ran my script on it. 13 hours later, I had a database, all I needed was a webpage to share it with you guys !

Not sure what to do with this, I just did it for kicks, but maybe some of you will want to play around with the script, and maybe improve it.

[Image: jmgRMSB.png]

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