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Hello, {B}!
Hey, how's it going? I'm asthenia. Some of you might've seen me in-game or on the official forums as asthenia as well. I've been playing AC for at least two years or so. It's kinda sketchy between the couple of breaks I've taken between back then and now.

When I first started AC in I went under a lot of novelty names and played pubs with my shotty and my 'nade spammin', and it was pretty great. Took a break for a while, came back to AC a few months later and started playing under asthenia. Eventually I joined the now-defunct *rAgE* clan, which is when I met most of the good people I know in AssaultCube. After a while, my clan vanished and I dropped the *rAgE* tag and began looking for a new clan.

Then I moved and my world turned upside-down. Rolleyes Became pretty inactive in AC and got into a lot of other multiplayer games. I've recently been getting back into playing AssaultCube again and it's been a blast, just like I remembered. Still love to play with and against everyone from B}, and hopefully sometime I'll be able to join your clan. :D

Take care and thanks for reading my intro.
~ asthenia

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