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Hello! - Inline - 07-08-2013

Hey guys, I'm Inline (if you couldn't already tell)

Foxy-Grim told me to come stop by a few days back, so I'm saying hello.
I'm coming off a 3 year break from AC. I used to be DES| before I quit, but when I left I assumed I was done for good, so I left DES too. I'm here for the summer, and possibly longer depending how busy I am in school.

Hope to see you all in game!

RE: Hello! - Droid - 07-08-2013

Hey Inline (again). Welcome to the B} forum and enjoy your stay!

RE: Hello! - Nightmare - 07-08-2013

heyo :D welcome!

RE: Hello! - RikPik - 07-08-2013

Hello Inline, welcome to our forums. Hope to see you in-game/IRC.