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MC server - X-Ray_Dog - 06-17-2013

[Image: mcbanner.png]

Please see http://xrd.me/Minecraft/ if interested.

RE: MC server - Ronald_Reagan - 06-17-2013


RE: MC server - titi - 06-18-2013

count me in

RE: MC server - Noobicus - 06-18-2013

(06-18-2013, 01:36 AM)titi Wrote: count me in

You can stay at my place until you get settled titi. Wink

[Image: kjFxyzI.jpg]

RE: MC server - Shadz - 06-18-2013

Prime griefing material.

RE: MC server - ironzorg - 06-18-2013

Back in the days when I used to play minecraft, I tried a C++ implementation of minecraft's server. Is this still a thing ?

RE: MC server - X-Ray_Dog - 06-18-2013

Please private message me your mc names and review http://xrd.me/Minecraft/ if you haven't already (It's helpful!)

Because just joining won't let you do anything, you have to have perms Tongue

RE: MC server - Ronald_Reagan - 06-18-2013

Apparently there used to be other implementations of the server, but not too many survive today.

RE: MC server - Cemer - 06-19-2013

lel add me i will be pro canadian boomber

RE: MC server - Noobicus - 06-25-2013

Y'All better hurry before I get all the diamonds. I just found 10 more! WOOT!