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Hi! - Stairway2Heaven - 04-18-2013

Hi there, I'm Stairway2Heaven, you probably have seen me somewhere in pubs. I have been playing for 2-3 years (I reached 1st position in TyD ladder once), but later, after a big hiatus, I'm back lol

As you may have noticed, I love this song, although I enjoy rock in every way possible.

See you, happy fragging!

RE: Hi! - CharlyMurphie - 04-18-2013

YO, Stairway, I'm glad you found your way here man. You kicked ass yesterday in those games BTW. Welcome to our forums BROWink

RE: Hi! - Nightmare - 04-18-2013

Do you like Avenged Sevenfold and/or Coheed & Cambria?

RE: Hi! - applecake - 04-18-2013

Hi there! :-)

RE: Hi! - titi - 04-19-2013

Hey, welcome to the forums!

RE: Hi! - Orynge - 04-19-2013

I think I've seen you in a pub before. Possibly.

RE: Hi! - KillShock - 04-19-2013

Heyo hope to see you around and I'm jealous of your 1st position on TyD ladder, closest i got to 1st in a month was 14th

RE: Hi! - Shadz - 06-11-2013

Well, well, well.
Surprised none of us picked up on the classic rock theme Wink