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Hello again! - Cactus - 11-27-2012

Hi all, I made an introductory thread a while ago but I haven't been around and wanted to say hello again.

I'm Cactus, I've been around for a few years but disappeared for most of this year and I've been playing recently and hanging out on the TS and IRC.

I mainly use the Carbine and AR but have been known to sling around the shotgun in crowded pubs (10v10 on ac_arid, chaos!)

Favourite maps are: ac_arabian, ac_iceroad, ac_outpost, and ac_keller.

Used to be in a clan called Exile Unit and am currently clanless. Trying to get my ability back up to scratch. Hello, B}'ers!

RE: Hello again! - Verse - 11-27-2012


RE: Hello again! - Nightmare - 11-27-2012

Welcome back Smile
lets inter this week! !

RE: Hello again! - CharlyMurphie - 11-27-2012

I saw ya tonight pwning Wink

RE: Hello again! - Orynge - 11-27-2012

Welcome again, fellow eXu!

RE: Hello again! - Ronald_Reagan - 11-27-2012

Yay! Cactus :D

RE: Hello again! - RikPik - 11-28-2012

Hey cactus Big Grin

RE: Hello again! - applecake - 11-28-2012

Hi! Smile

RE: Hello again! - Shadz - 11-28-2012

(11-28-2012, 01:48 AM)RikPik Wrote: Hey cactus Big Grin
OHMYGOD Where have you been...all my liiiiiiiife

RE: Hello again! - titi - 11-28-2012