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Intro of WasiWasbourne! - WasiWasbourne - 04-14-2011

I suppose it may be a little late to post an intro, seeing as I've already applied, but it couldn't hurt, so here goes:

I'm a country boy from Shoreacres, British Columbia, and I feel completely safe saying this, seeing as nobody knows where that is. I am still in school, and am currently part of the schools production of "Beauty and the Beast" as the bookseller. I am an avid musician, and play both upright, and electric bass. I am very spiritual, but open-minded when it comes to religious and spiritual debates/conversations. I can say "Hello, my name is Kevin." in Italian, Russian, German, English, and French. I enjoy community and play well with othersTongue. I picked B} because I wanted a clan with community, and B} seemed to pop off the screen at me, so...

RE: Intro of WasiWasbourne! - Zarjio - 04-15-2011

Another Canadian, eh? Good stuff!
I'm from Edmonton, Alberta.