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RE: hell0o0o0o0 - titi - 07-28-2012

Hey Vanquish, welcome to our forums.

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Vanquish - 07-28-2012

Cooool, thanks for all the welcomes, was surprised (in a nice way).

Hopefully I'll cya round more often, you guys all seem cool :D

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - V-Wifey - 07-28-2012

Wooooow (distracted by Oryange new signature)
*slap face*
Wow, Vanquish it's you.... you look... so.... pink... i think

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - CherylCole - 08-01-2012

w3lc0m3 mi frend