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hell0o0o0o0 - Vanquish - 07-26-2012

19:59 <ShadowFlameZ> go make an intro naab

So yeah, hey :D

I'm not good with words, so I'll keep this short. my IGN is vanquish, and I'm from the woop clan in AC. I also play sauerbraten, for which I play for .aG*, my former AC clan. I've played AC since October 2011, and sauer for about three weeks.

Not really sure what else to say, except hi, bye, and all the best :D

Cyaz :*

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - V-Man - 07-26-2012

In you lives the oldest clan in AC, IIRC.
Shoop that w00p, man.

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Shadz - 07-26-2012


RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Droid - 07-26-2012

Hi and welcome to these forums!

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Vanquish - 07-26-2012

Wow hi everyone. XD

You all seem very friendly, this is nice! Hopefully I'll see you all in AC/irc/ts :D

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Nightmare - 07-26-2012

yoyo hi hi welcomeeeeeeeeeeeee

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Orynge - 07-26-2012

Hi Vanquish, welcome to the B} forums.

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - applecake - 07-27-2012

Hey, welcome! Smile

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - Zarjio - 07-27-2012

Holah, welcome.

RE: hell0o0o0o0 - evanzo23 - 07-27-2012

Ahoy, sir! Welcome to the B} forums :D