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Mapping. - Shadz - 06-18-2012

As the link says, the 7th official AC mapping contest has begun. The theme is underground.

Let's go for a repeat victory, B}s. I'm lookin' at you for "assistance," sir judge Reagan. Though it may be tough if Pi is looking for revenge after Nightmare's oh-so-fair victory last time Trollface.
I'm willing to partner/threesome/group with anybody/any people who is interested, so our combined forces can achieve dominance.

RE: Mapping. - titi - 06-18-2012

I can't map, lol. I'm out.

RE: Mapping. - Nightmare - 06-18-2012

Halo will make sure I don't win. Smile

Probably not going to enter, unless one day I wake up and get a craving to map.

RE: Mapping. - Nightmare - 06-26-2012

I recently noticed ac_avenue is in the svn now. Bukz & Jiba are racking up official maps for this release. 2 each. :3