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RE: CAN ACWC team - Cemer - 05-23-2012

(05-23-2012, 02:36 PM)Waffles Wrote: USA team has goku, vault, and myself so far. CAN should try and get secarty and crown again as well as ikljo and all those previously mentioned.

CAN dream team: Secretary, Cr0wn, ikljo, Woolly, Bullpup, and JMKane (if he is still awake).

RE: CAN ACWC team - Orynge - 05-23-2012

Australian Dream Team: Undead, Vermi, Biscuit, Castiel, someone else.

RE: CAN ACWC team - RCJD - 06-21-2012


Team Canada? D:

The deadline is approaching.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Zarjio - 06-22-2012

Banned on the AC forums. Said yes to you in game :D I will drag the team down, we will suck.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Shadz - 06-22-2012

I think the signups are done, but I could be wrong.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Nightmare - 06-22-2012

U.S teams A vs. B


congrats on signing up too @ Canada!

RE: CAN ACWC team - RCJD - 06-22-2012

Apologies, I thought the ban was lifted!

We need all the experienced players we can get at this point. Crown and Secaratry (spelling?) are not playing.

I'll mention you're interested in playing. Many thanks!