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CAN ACWC team - Cemer - 05-19-2012

Hey Zarjus, you feel like doing another team this year?

RE: CAN ACWC team - titi - 05-19-2012

Haven't you heard? Zarj isn't canadian anymore. We're transferring him to portugal.

RE: CAN ACWC team - evanzo23 - 05-19-2012

And as we are transferring him, he is currently within the United States.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Ronald_Reagan - 05-19-2012

This is the reason for his recent inactivity.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Zarjio - 05-19-2012

Hmm... tempting... but given how little AC I have been playing lately, and how busy I am, I will not be the Captain of any team. If you want to get Canada going, feel free to, and I would be glad to play if you are so desperate for players that you need some nubs.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Shadz - 05-19-2012

Ask Woolly.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Nightmare - 05-19-2012

Woolly/RCJD/Cemer/etc. might push Canada past round 1. Smile
Paulmuaddibka lives in Canada now, not sure if you can rig it so he counts. Really nice smg player.

I'm not too far from Canada. :'( *joins team* Trollface

RE: CAN ACWC team - Cemer - 05-19-2012

ikljo, maybe JMKane again.

RE: CAN ACWC team - Orynge - 05-19-2012

Cemer, ikljo, JMKane, RCJD and Woolly?
Not bad, not bad...

RE: CAN ACWC team - Cemer - 05-20-2012

(05-19-2012, 05:33 PM)Orynge Wrote: "Cemer", ikljo, JMKane, RCJD and Woolly?
Not bad, not bad...

I'm still shit, and I probably won't play, as I like cheering my nationmates on.

Paul can do the job hehe.

Now, I have to go convince Woolly and/or Bullpup|KH if they want to.