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RE: Thread of Defeats - Shadz - 07-14-2012

2nd link messed up ^ (put a space between the - and the link)

Yeah y'all had a nice rally on shine, and good leads on the other two, but to be honest the teamwork sorta fell apart as the match went on. No defense! D:
But it was good overall Smile.

RE: Thread of Defeats - Zarjio - 07-14-2012

They won because they were better coordinated Sad
We need to work on that.

RE: Thread of Defeats - Nightmare - 07-17-2012

lost to TYD by one frag. :'(

RE: Thread of Defeats - Shadz - 07-17-2012

So XRD and I were bored, so we decided to get thrashed by aG*.
We asked titi if he wanted to join it, but he was too busy playing TF2.
2 minutes after the game starts, he enters the server. FU ._.'
Their pick
[Image: 20120717213854acurbanct.jpg]
Our pick - titi's advice was "don't pick anything involving automatic weapons"
[Image: 20120717215520acaridtos.jpg]
I blame XRD's sister. Distractions and insults ftl Sad.

RE: Thread of Defeats - Ronald_Reagan - 07-18-2012

Second game wasn't a thrashing at least. It wasn't good, but it could've turned out way worse.

RE: Thread of Defeats - evanzo23 - 07-18-2012

(07-17-2012, 04:58 PM)Nightmare Wrote: lost to TYD by one frag. :'(

It was my fault. Sorry Sad

RE: Thread of Defeats - Shadz - 07-18-2012

Nah y'all were really good!
They're just good at that whole "slow start" thing ;_;

RE: Thread of Defeats - Ronald_Reagan - 07-18-2012


I think we could've tightened the gap at least if I was more in my prime.

RE: Thread of Defeats - Shadz - 08-23-2012

Lost to Pi_ (how embarrassing \:D)
We're a shadow of our former selves without TS xD.

RE: Thread of Defeats - blueberry - 08-23-2012

(08-23-2012, 11:33 AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: Lost to Pi_ (how embarrassing \:D)

Looked like you guys lost pretty bad, although granted Hurp and Halo are definitely the strongest Pi_ players. Good games nonetheless.

If anyone's interested, here are the screens. They're lower in the thread: