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RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Shadz - 02-06-2012

Wait...did you guys knock out sJ?

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Nightmare - 02-06-2012

no they haxed us up pretty badly on desert3. Beat us slightly on keller.
double elimination though. :3

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - evanzo23 - 02-07-2012

Uhh, what week? Could we play the week of the 20th?

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Nightmare - 02-07-2012

Think its this week only

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Nightmare - 02-09-2012

evanzo we are trying for 6:30pm on saturday D:
not sure if aG is okay with that but too bad \:D

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - evanzo23 - 02-10-2012

Uhhhhh, okay xD

* evanzo23 tries to be on

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Nightmare - 04-14-2012

aG tournament ended today. While we ended up 0-2, and woop ended up winning the whole thing, good came out of it.

Just below Jason in the standings. Not 16th place, pretty nice. :3

[Image: c88c996fa93a4cc187b5a8e.png]

We also got part of the Fair Play award! Heart

[Image: e2633caaec4749ddb800950.png]

evanzo's smg accuracy was higher than Jason's ar accuracy!

[Image: 8297fa6e02c64300893cec8.png]

And most importantly, we gained a new buddy in PaulMuaddibka. Heart

Good Games. Wink

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - evanzo23 - 04-14-2012

Nice work, folks. Next time let's shoot for better than 0.5 ratios :D

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - PaulMuadDibKA - 04-15-2012

It was a very fun tournament and I also got to know many people, thanks |RF| and thanks B}, XD. Next time well be fragging together again!

RE: Good Luck, Frogs! - Orynge - 04-15-2012

You blew away all your critics by coming 3rd last. Tongue

No footage of the final was recorded. D: