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B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - evanzo23 - 01-02-2012

I realize that this did not occur on our servers, but rather on {TyD}Pennywise, but I find that as it is another example of impersonation, we may look into placing a whitelist into effect and handing it to AC blacklists.

// Name: B}D.Rose*[O.B]*
//Other names: D.Rose, riceboy
//Proof: http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/8055/20120102173420acminesct.jpg

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Ronald_Reagan - 01-02-2012

Fixed the BL a little for you.

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - evanzo23 - 01-02-2012

Why, thank you Smile

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Qontrol - 01-02-2012

(01-02-2012, 01:50 PM)evanzo23 Wrote: Why, thank you Smile

Id, just like to clear this up, i dont actually believe this is riceboy4life?His ips are in the 70.x.x.x, and if it was him, you should think of it as a honor that someone would think of impersonating B}? No need to make a big thing of it XD Thanks Guys, Gals.

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Shadz - 01-02-2012

an honor to impersonate B}?
more like plain scumbaggery.

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Ronald_Reagan - 01-02-2012

uh honor? Are you joking?

And I did an IP check on the forums, his name came up.

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - titi - 01-02-2012

(01-02-2012, 02:10 PM)Qontrol Wrote: ...you should think of it as a honor that someone would think of impersonating B}?


RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Shadz - 01-02-2012

I lol'ed.

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - titi - 01-02-2012

i'm still loling

RE: B}D.Rose*[O.B]* - Shadz - 01-02-2012

Epic lol'ing sesh.