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Hi PB members - ClintXD - 03-08-2014

Sup all members of *PB CLAN* I heard this forum from a good friend name X-Ray_Dog good luck and keep fragging Big Grin Tongue[/font]

ohh btw i am Marc Clint ac average player and a good friend of B}X-Ray_Dog and B}D3MONWOLF

see you in game WinkWink

RE: Hi PB members - Nightmare - 03-09-2014

Hi :D
try #pbclan on gamesurge IRC. Wink

RE: Hi PB members - titi - 03-09-2014

hey Clint, I've seen you online a couple of times

RE: Hi PB members - D3M0NW0LF - 03-09-2014

Welcome me ameigo!

[Image: tumblr_luxu9nMISJ1qmasabo1_500.png]

RE: Hi PB members - Ronald_Reagan - 03-09-2014

Heyo Smile

RE: Hi PB members - evanzo23 - 03-11-2014

(03-09-2014, 06:28 PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Heyo Smile

RE: Hi PB members - Orynge - 03-12-2014


Evan can't even be bothered greeting people now, he just gets other people to do it for him.

RE: Hi PB members - CharlyMurphie - 03-12-2014

Welcome.....B}Merry B}Happy, and Idea enjoy the house